Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Suprisingly Lengthy Trip

What started out as a trail to visit family has turned rather lengthy. I took my husbands car at the last minute due to hurrying to beat out bad weather that was coming where I was going. I made it in time to be safe. Thank you Lord. However, when I was driving those 70 mile an hour my car was beginning to shake pretty bad so I would slow down. I was worried that a screw was loose around the tired or something. It seemed to do okay without the shakes when I slowed down. It was hard to stay slower because I was in a hurry to end our 14 hour trip but at the same time I didn't want to be on the side of the road either.

When I got to my husband's side of the family they specifically asked if I had car trouble. (God protecting) When I told my Mom in law about my trouble she took me straight to the shop where we found out my tires and alignment were bad. My parents-in-law graciously blessed me with all new tires. THANK YOU!!However, the car place said they couldn't get it aligned because I had a rod that was bent and it needed to go to the dealer to get fixed. So, I decided to do that when I got to my folks. Of course, I stopped at sister's first and enjoyed my time then headed to my parents. I took it to the shop and they had to order a part that wouldn't come in until Tues.

Well, they called me yesterday and had the part(which was going to be very expensive with labor) but couldn't get it to align so they found further problem. Our fiances can only take so many hits. Please pray for our car problems to end and it not be as severe as it is sounding. I couldn't sleep for a while last night thinking but God has given peace and I know He is in charge of all.

I will say that my family has been so wonderful to accomodate and love on me while I keep staying on yet another day. We are having a wonderful time but Really Missing Hubby/Daddy and ready to head back home. I would covet your prayers that the soloution would be brief and good.


LiteratureLover said...

Ohhhh, I'm so sorry that you're still having car issues. Especially being so far away from hubby. I will pray that it will not be as bad as they think!

LiteratureLover said...

BTW - Did you know that your blog cannot be accessed from your profile? JanJanMom (on her blog) is asking where your blog is.

heartsjoy said...

I think I finally got it taken care of. I could see what I needed to do but the option wasn't there. It was weird. Anyway, it is finally corrected. Thanks for letting me know! ;)

Warm Hearts said...

It is good to know that you and kids are safely home. We will sure miss you all, we had gotten use to having you around and cherished a few extra days with you. Sorry about the car and the added pressures.
Meme and I went out for dinner and a stop at Barnes and Noble.
Hope we did not pester you to much today with the phone calling but wanted to encourage you not to get sleepy and to be alert which you seemed to be. I know that is a long 14 plus hours from here to there for one little girl to be driving.
Thanks for a wonderful visit.
Love you lots,
Poppa's Pen