Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can You Do That?

I was watching my daughter in pretend mode when she didn't know it (so don't talk to her about this instance or she'll know I was). Anyway, she was doing a trick and turning sideways as if asking a friend.
"Can you do that?"
Then being the friend she tried it.
She did this back and forth many times until finally the so called friend couldn't do it. To that she replied, "See, only I can do it. " Big smile.

My son meanwhile is making very interesting noises as he is playing in the imagination with his blanket wrapped around the neck and fighting movements.

Oh, to be young and in pretend world again.


LiteratureLover said...

Oh? Were we supposed to grow out of that pretend mode? I guess I better take off my cape then.

janiners said...

i agree with LL. sometimes, when i'm by myself or even not, I still pretend. :-) but, i know what you mean, heartsjoy. it's just a little different when you "grow up."

Warm Hearts said...

That just gave me a big smile!
Meme's Pen

Warm Hearts said...

Those two do have a great pretend world and such imaginations. They are so much fun to watch with all their creativity. We have to see them soon because they are missing us, not to mention that we are really missing them.
They are so loved,
Poppa's Pen