Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Little Happenins

Tonight I was rushing through Wal-mart for a few items with my kids in toe. As I walked I was getting lots of looks (due to the loud hair color). Finally this one little girl turned her head to follow me and said loudy "Oh My G--, did you see her hair?!!" I walked on proud, shoulders back, head held high embracing humiliation once again.

I made a phone call today for a hair place to restore a better look. It was a place I have driven by many times. I decided to take the right pre-cautions and asked how long the lady had been in service, over 10 years? sounds good.
Can I make an appointment?
Yes, when would you like to come?
Do you have any available slots tomorrow?
Yes, what time do you want?
(Huh? They have that many open slots...first red flag)
Uhhh, mid- morning.
What time?
Uhh, 10?
Okay. Bye.
(second red flag, they didn't take my name or number.)
I call back
Hello, I just made an appointment for tomorrow 10am but they didn't get my name don't you need my name?
No, you can just come.
Oh, okay.
(thinking I need to find a new stylist.)

Due to gall bladder complications I am pretty good at belching contests. My son informed me that he had read in his "The way things were" book that in olden times it was considered good manners when one burped after a meal, indicating they were full and it was delicious. I think we need to reinstate that as a good manner.


LiteratureLover said...

Laughing. I think you better find a different stylist! As far as the belching, I'll take it as a compliment when you're at my house. ;)

janiners said...

i agree w/LL - that's a little strange about the hairstylist. :-)

i'm just laughing about the belching. :-) but, i would never be offended. actually, my old office roomie used to belch loudly and frequently and we would just laugh and she never cared who heard her. :-)

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

"Embrace the humiliation..."

I'm going to remember that phrase. I'm sure it will come in handy quite often. :)

Warm Hearts said...

Wait!!!!Wait!!! don't go!!!! I am now scared to death about your poor hair. Please be sure this person comes with some recommendations. You just need to live close to highlights. :)
Love you,

heartsjoy said...

ll and J - I'm glad you like my new manner ideas!

TOFTG - yes, remember it, it has helped me so much lately! :)

Mom - Laughing, thank you for your pleas, you will be happy to know I did NOT go. I decided I probably needed a good stylist. Yes, very much missing my former!