Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spiral Staircase/Along Side Us

I was reading another blog from kindredspiritmom and she was addressing a journey on spiral staircase. I felt like she did, that sometimes I am going in circles on my a merry-go-round. Costantly learning and re-learning the same things wondering if I am ever going to get it. However, her analogy to a spiral staircase was so much more encouraging...going in circles but continually going up a little further.

Today was one of the days I felt God showed me we are climbing a little. Let me start by saying, I have loved Marilyn Howshall's writings for some time. I posted an article about some of her stuff. Anyway, she talks about kids coming along side you and learning what you are learning in your personal walk.

Today my dd was drawing some oranges. She didn't think she did very well. She is 6 and I looked and was amazed! Her oranges had little indentions at the top and really looked great! I admired and encouraged and asked her how she knew how to draw the top of the orange...she sheepishly looked at me and said...."From an artist." I said, "Really? What artist?" She said, "You Mommy!" Then I remembered that a few days earlier I had been sketching some fruit (inspired by sister and carrielouise) and had been practicing on that very thing...along side us.

Then, my son was talking about death and my daughter said, "But Noah, no one has to be scared of death because you would be with your Daddy!" (her arms lifted up to him) I loved it because a few days ago we had been talking of God being Abba, our Daddy. They loved that and she remembered it...Thank you Lord. ...along side us..

I was trying to delve into more scripture and even memorize portions so I was taping myself and listening. My son loved what I had done and wanted to copy me...delving in word...memorization....meditation....along side us.

I am so thankful to my Heavenly Daddy that he takes us along side Him so we can take them along side us.


janiners said...

that is a beautiful post! i love how you put that and it's a great encouragement to me at this moment in my life. i love you, girl. i'm so glad to hear your thoughts and see your smiling face every time I come to your blog.
thank you, Lord, for my sweet friend who speaks of You so dearly and encourages my heart.

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

I loved this post and I LOVE the new look of your blog!!!! How did you get those pictures at the top???

And that is a GREAT family pix too-- you look fantastic.

Warm Hearts said...

That little dd and valiant dude are precious and I am so glad that they like to copy you. They can not go wrong copying such a wonderful Christian Mom who loves her paternal Daddy and her Heavenly Daddy.
Love ya,

thebarefootpoet said...

Thanks. That was a great post. As a new dad, reading the life experiences of a parent whose values I share are so encouraging and remind me so much of my desire to be a daddy that reflects his Heavenly Daddy.

heartsjoy said...

Thanks you guys for your sweet words!

TOFTG-The pictures at the top, I did that with flickr...put them in group and did a badge then made it horizonal and pasted onto template. Hope this makes sense. ;) I can e-mail more specific if needed!

LiteratureLover said...

This was very encouraging! I know that my kids are watching but sometimes it's hard to see what I HAVE taught and easy to see what I'm lacking. Thanks for the encouragement.