Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Modern Day Miracle!!

I am so excited I don't even know how to begin this post! I have a friend (BTW - asked her permission to share this) who has struggled throughout her life with not feeling God cared or loved her. She is a christian but much of her belief system was in deep wounds from early childhood. We have stayed in touch for around 12 years. I have watched her struggle in this and tried to help but the struggle continued. Last night God did a work in her!

I have a background in counseling and I have gone to training on a prayer/counseling ministry called theo-phostic. I cannot begin to explain it in a sentence but I will try, it is really coming to grips with wounds in the past, realizing the lies the enemy has crippled them with (i.e. unworthy, trapped, unloved etc), then asking God to reveal His truth to them. Most people feel they will never be able to get past their past. However, God has other plans. His light shines and His truth sets them free. I never know how He will do it with each person but when He does reveal Himself it is amazing!

We talked and the conversation got more serious. She still questioned God's love and mercy, why He would allow such pain and then not be there for her.

I felt Him prompting me to encourage her to bring it to Him. She did. Silence. She felt so much fear, sadness, frustration, betrayal that He wouldn't respond. He led me to encourage her to wait on Him. She did. He brought to her mind a past painful memory. She was letting her pain out. God revealed where He was in that moment.

Picking her up and holding her, rocking her, with her, letting her rest on Him, wiping her tears.

She said to me "I can't believe He was there! He is holding me, all I ever wanted was for him to hold me." God knew exactly what she needed, I had no idea what she really needed....but He did. She didn't want to leave that moment. His presence was evident and the new picture in her mind was beauty for ashes.

I am not about emotionalism but I am of the mind that God still does miracles in our modern day and I am so happy to have been part of one!! My friend re-visited her earlier negative beliefs...they were gone. Her new fellowship with Him was so sweet. The truth He gave her in that memory had set her free! I think because I had been with her through some of these tough struggles it was extra sweet!

Thank you, Lord of all! for touching and healing my beloved friend!


Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

I think I need to send my friend to you. (Or learn more about theophoistic (sp?) counseling.)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

I, too, am thanking God today for your miracle. Deep healing, transforming healing comes only by God! I am thanking God for your friend's experience...and for your willingness to be there with her.

God Bless you both!


LiteratureLover said...

What a victory! I think your song is so perfect for this.