Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love Em!!!

Today has just been one of the days where I realize once again how much I love my family!!! It has been a time of working on notebooks together and reading and cuddling. (If you get queezy with the mushy you may not want to read. :)

My dear son is so thought provoking and seeks so many wonderful answers. He is a strong leader yet very sensitive and kind. The other day when I felt bad he told me to lay back and rest and covered me up and gave me what I needed. It was so sweeet and was just what I wanted. I love seeing his tender heart in moments like that. I love talking with him, snuggling and listening to his ideas. I know God has terrific plans for Him now and in the future. I look forward to watching their relationship grow. He has a heart to tell others of God's love and he really cares about others knowing the loving God he already knows.

My precious daughter is a server and a giver. She has acts of service down and can see things how they need to be done. She also loves to give to, cards, her stuff, gifts etc. She likes sports but is very feminine and girly. I love to sit and snuggle with her or play babies. She has such an imagination. Tonight she just showered me with kisses and it was soooo precious! (usually it is me showering her and brother with slobbery smooches) She loves God and doesn't understand why anyone wouldn't choose to follow Him. I look forward to seeing her relationship with the Lord grow and seeing what wonderful ways He will use her life.

I had a friend the other night at the pool watching them and said "They really are great friends aren't they." Yes, I hope they will always keep that special friendship bond. I love tucking them in at night with prayers, songs and some nights getting great chats.

My amazing husband, working so hard each day for our family. Coming home and working here too withOut cross words. He is loving with all his acts of kindness. His children adore him and he them. He makes us all laugh and brings more joy in the home. He is our leader and we all know it and respect his place. He inspires us with his leadership to be better. He is a lover of God and seeks to follow Him even when it doesn't make sense. He is Not a worrier, complainer or whiner. He is upbeat and looking forward in faith. I always look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in His life!

My sister, parents, brother, in-laws, dear friends...I could go on and on.

Yes, I know times change and things don't stay the same but I am so happy and humbled to be able to love and be loved by my precious family. Thank you sweetums!


joyfuljourney said...

You do have a sweet hubby and the kids sound precious! It makes me sad that I don't know your kids! We're really going to have to do something about that!

You ARE blessed! But you are also a huge blessing to those who know you! Although I am completely addicted to blogging thanks to you, I am SO glad you are my friend! By the way, last week I drove by OUR old house! Next time we're there I'll take a picture and post it for everyone to see the dump we all lived in during our seminary days!!!

Paulette said...

This was a sweet post and a testament to what a Godly home should be like. Dont forget yourself in the mix because I tell you your children are the way they are because they have a great momma.
May your family grow in the richness of Christ always.
Be Blessed

Bttrfly1976 said...

You warned me, so I won't whine about the mushiness. I will just say, awwww, how sweet. :}

healing hoves said...

It is so nice reading about family that loves so deeply. I was booted out of my family over 20 years ago, and for years it destroyed me and my girls, but by the Grace of God we are coming back, stories like you write encourage me for my future....thanks sonja brooks