Thursday, July 13, 2006


Have you ever felt this way? It seems that this feeling of inadequacy peeps it ugly head quite often with me. I can feel happy and joyful about life but then it seems I realize once again how I fail or come short on so many levels.

My husband sent me an article by a man who was highly involved in marketing. He is out of marketing now and telling people the truth about the marketers and how they is very eye opening. Their goal is to keep us feeling inadequate so we buy all their products to make us feel better. Lies. Deception. Sound like someone I have read about before. I realized that once again the father of lies wants me stuck in my inadequate mode because there it goes to self-focus and a downward spiral.

It is amazing to me how opposite God's message is....hope, peace, worth. I realize that I have been allowing myself to listen to many avenues that provide lies. I am feeling convicted but still allowing it to be in my life. Why?

I heard a pastor talking about how we are in good company if we do the things we don't want to do and don't do what we want to do. Paul. He was so passionate for the Lord. David. A man after God's own heart. And yet, obvious downfalls and sin in their lives. Did that stop their journey? No. How encouraging. We are a work in process.

I saw a passage that I have seen many times before, however, it had new meaning for me as far as our home and school wise.

2 Timothy 3:16-17
All Scripture is inspired by God and is
profitable for teaching,
for rebuking,
for correcting,
for training in righteousness,
so that the man of God may be COMPLETE,
Equipped for EVERY Good work.

Complete. Wow! That is where I need to be in Him, His words. I want that for me and my family, my kids.


Clemntine said...

What a beautiful and timely reminder.

My husband's job is mostly marketing, and so we have a lot of those books around. We've had some interesting discussions about the heart behind the message. It is a real challenge for him to tell his company's story in a compelling way, while keeping the message positive.

Be blessed!

thebarefootpoet said...

Great thoughts. You know, Jesus said the truth would set us free. How compelling is it that we are "held captive" in so many ways by the lies that surround us, and the answers we need are in front of us. It seems to many times that we would rather take up theological sides and argue major "themes" then let the truth do what Jesus promised us it would. Thanks again for this post.
Bill : )

joyphil413 said...

Wow, it's amazing to me how you and your sister are so much alike... I guess that could be a granfallon but am not trying to market anything...LOL... I am sure you two have heard that over and over again... I was up early this a.m. and ready both of your blogs, I couldn't help but notice right now what is posted on both your sights... Put them side by side and I would think I am seeing and hearing the same thing... Kinda, like twins, huh, LOL...again...Anyway I don't have a twin to say the sames things twice but you can go read the post I put on her blog and I know feel the same way about both of you!!! I don't know either one of you well, but I have gotten to know you thru the sharing of yourselves in this venue... I guess if I had to be real honest I could say I almost "hear" quad's... You both sound like 2 other people I know and admire deeply!!! Be easy on yourself and know that you are shining brightly and many others see it!!! Keep shining :) phil4:13

Bttrfly1976 said...

I went and read that link and actually subscribed to the newsletter, that's good stuff. And no, even though you got no e-mail, I haven't forgotten. I just fell asleep at 6:30 yesterday afternoon and didn't wake back up til this morning. ;) Consider this your reminder, Ephesians. :-)

Paulette said...

Hey Girl,
Hope you are having an awesome Saturday. I just noticed you lived in Texas! Cool me too...WOW
Be Blessed

SuperMom said...

This blows my mind!!! I knew there was a conspiracy out there to get us :-)