Friday, October 06, 2006

Must Admit/Encouragement to you

My blog has been my home page and I must admit that I was sick of the same ole pics, music and entry so I am sure the rest of you are! I finally did some changes, yipee! Wish I knew how to change the color without messing everything else up.We have had a lot going on the last few weeks. We got to take a trip to see hubby's family and grandparents and that was fun. This past weekend we had a birthday party for our little girl. I will try to put more info and maybe some pics on her birthday.

I have realized by being out more how little affirmation a stay at home Mom or homeschooled Mom gets. In fact, instead of affirmation we get criticism. I was thinking how funny or not funny that is because actually investing in our kids is SO important! When we work out of the home there is affirmation in the job or the adult interaction or status but when a woman wants to be at home so many times it is looked down upon. Even among women/moms at home there is the competition factor so many times instead of the encouragement factor.

So, for all of you stay at home ladies I want to encourage you! You are a doing a great thing! Even though you fail as we all do, (and as I believe God knew), we are learning so much through Him. You LOVE your kids, have put them first and sacrificed a lot for them! You feel disheveled, alone at times and unappreciated, however, you are investing in the future of your future generations! You are highly important and beautiful! God made you to lead in this venture because He knew he could work through you to make something beautiful! One of my favorite verses is Eccl. 3:11a "He makes all things beautiful in His time.." This journey is a process, not to be rushed but enjoyed and invested in. You have chosen to do that and you are adored and loved! Thank you for having conversations about imaginations and pottery, playdough, colors and bears. Thank you for learning how to organize the home and meet the needs of so many others. Thank you for the loads and loads of laundry that you eventually get to. Thank you for the food you make three times every day. Thank you for the loving heart that overwhelms you moments of the day and discourages you. Thank you that although you fail you persevere and move forward! Thank you for being that Mom that takes criticism and gets critiqued but doesn't stop. You are running the race and keeping your eyes fixed on Him when you look up! You are learning the most valuable lesson of all, ONLY by His grace can this be made complete! Thank you for the daily training, encouraging, listening, loving and work that you do! I can't help but believe as our Lord looks at and walks through with us in the investment, failure, struggles and victories that He is smiling down upon you! Well Done good and faithful servant! ;)


Bttrfly1976 said...

ok, even though I can't identify with any of that, it is so good to read a new post by you that I am more than willing to look past that! I do agree though, that stay at home moms get little credit for what they do despite the fact that what they do is of such huge importance. I wish I was one.

LiteratureLover said...

Thank you.

Mommy-Fommy said...

I came over after reading your comment on my blog. Thank you so much! It brought tears to my eyes. Even through the low times I know that what I do is so important, and that God knows and appreciates me. What a beautiful message you share!

Warm Hearts said...

I am so thankful that my daughters have been able to stay home and home school for the most part for all these years because I can see a vast difference in my grands and other kids and the difference is noticable good. I am so proud of my grands and their parents.
You all make me proud, keep up the good work because God is blessing.
Those memory verses the grands can do blow my mind.
Love you,
Poppa's Pen

Tami said...

Hi there- I just found your blog through This One's For the Girls. Thank you for the encouragement. I'll be linking here from my blog.