Monday, April 23, 2007

Carrabba's goodbye

I didn't expect anything on my last night. I had seen many go before me and nothing was done. They suprised me at the end of the night with singing, cards, big cookies and flowers. It was really sweet and made me tear up. They also insisted that we do one more night at Denny's, it was a great goodbye....can't say I will miss the job but I will miss the people.


Bttrfly1976 said...

That's because they love you!! You make an impact wherever you go!

Clemntine said...

I remember when you took the job and how nervous you were and how many opportunities you had to be Jesus with skin on and OF COURSE they had to make a big deal about you leaving.

Maybe they'll all show up at the church now!

LiteratureLover said...

I think that says a lot about how they feel about you.

Bttrfly1976 said...'s the new job? the family? life? you? stuff? anything at all??

Anonymous said...

Hello, anybody there? We are missing you.