Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to my little Butterfly!

I love your name because I feel it represents you
When you were young you found yourself struggling on
Trying to cope with things that were so huge
You were a little catipillar crawling through life
Trying to find the answers
As you grew you went into a cocoon
Struggling through darkness and feeling alone
But alone you were not though you didn't know
A Savior loved you a lot
You've had questions and sought answers
You've felt anger and fear
You have so much love to give
And to us you're so dear!
Now my heart jumps with joy
as I see you breaking through
Understanding through struggle and sorrow
You can grow and He will lead
Your eyes begin to see the light
And even though you don't know it yet
You truly are a beautiful butterfly
You will fly and you will soar
I love you beautiful butterfly
A dear friend you are!

Happy Birthday!


Bttrfly1976 said...

Told you it would make me cry! Thank you so much, for everything. For leading me to our Savior and for never giving up on me or His faithfulness to see me through despite my tendency to run full force in the opposite direction of anything good. There is no one who I am more excited to share this part of my journey with because there is no one else here on earth who knows me like you do. Thank you so much for being a faithful friend and for teaching me that in spite of what I'd known, there really is unconditional love and there really are people who, by God's grace, never give up on me.

heartsjoy said...

It has been my pleasure to journey with you and have you as a dear and faithful friend. love you.

LiteratureLover said...

That is beautiful. What a precious tribute.

The Elementary Writing Chef said...

Hey girl...just enjoying getting a taste of what you are up to! I have joined the world of blogging, and I must say that it is as addictive to play on my blog as it is to read others. Would love to hear something new from you! (From a Dear old Friend)

Warm Hearts said...

OK, Ok, Butterfly birthday is over.
Seems we have all gotten a lttle busy huh!
Happy Easter.
Love ya,